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Who We Are

We Shri Industry are leading manufacturer in Solar Dryer Machine, Solar Through Drying fruits, Agriculture Solar Dryer Machine, Crop Drying Machine, Solar Grain Dryer, Coconut Drying Machine, Solar Dryer System and Solar Dryer Technology, Solar drying is carried out mostly for drying purpose of products Hence Solar drying works as a best moisture confiscating agent which further prevents the products from getting decomposed.


Easy Operating procedure
One can operate the solar dryer only after getting the knowledge of basic things to be followed while using the dyer. The process is completely an easy one.

Eco-Friendly Process
Our Solar dryer process is completed in the most hygienic & eco-friendly way. Solar drying machine can use as mostly in Food processing industries.

Our Genuineness
We ensure complete safety regarding our solar dryer. Your products will retain the same natural quality and hygiene even after drying through our solar dryer.
Company’s declaration.

The main purpose of solar dryer is to dry the food products in a natural manner. Our dryer is an efficient one which dries the products in a natural way and also protects it from getting exposed to various factors that may contaminate the products like wind, dust, rainfall, etc. it produces enough intensity of heat which dries the products in a natural way.

Drying Foods and Dry-fruits
Used for food processing companies for dehydration of the food such as, onions, potatoes and many other products.
Agriculture Products
The solar dryer can be used for agricultural crop drying. Solar dryer can dry value added products for amla, mango and chikku etc.
Textile Industries
Our solar dryer is also used in textile industries for fabric drying purpose, to increase quality of fabrics.