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About Our Solar dryer

We Shri Industry are proud to proclaim that we are a leading brand in solar drier. We offer you the best model of solar drier which is undergone through several tests before delivering it to the customer. Solar drying is carried out mostly for drying purpose of products in order to prevent it from getting spoilt due to moisture. Hence solar drier works as a best moisture confiscating agent which further prevents the products from getting decomposed.

The most important process of food products preservation is drying. Hence our solar dryer not only helps in drying the food products. But it doesn’t cause any type of harm to the quality of products and its originality.

But in traditional solar drying process the products are spread open in the sunlight. But it may not work all the time not it is sure that the products like crops, grains, food, fruits etc. Will not catch moisture. As the climatic conditions are uneven a sudden change in the climate like rain, dust, wind etc. can cause the products to catch the moisture and thus decay. Hence to overcome all these kind of problems we have put forth a new concept solar dryer which is manufactured after making several tests and trials. It has been manufactured using various innovative skills by the talented and expert panel of engineers at us.

The intensity of our solar dryer is almost like that of natural sunlight. It’s a cheapest method to dry your products as compared to other artificial mechanical drying processes. It’s effective like that of natural drying processes. Moreover apart from drying it also retains the hygienity in the products and keeps it healthy and fresh to be consumed.

The solar dryer provided by us is comparatively advanced with latest techniques and is designed in a way that it produces the same intensity as that of natural sunlight. We provide the solar dryer for various commercial and industrial purposes. Our solar dryer is an expert in drying your food products, grains, crops etc. in a natural manner without causing any kinds of harmful effects on it. Nor damaging it. The products dried under our solar dryer are healthy and natural as compared to the other artificially dried products.

Advantages of Solar Dryer

Our Genuineness
We ensure complete safety regarding our solar dryer. Your products will retain the same natural quality and hygiene even after drying through our solar dryer.
Easy Operating procedure
One can operate the solar dryer only after getting the knowledge of basic things to be followed while using the dyer. The process is completely an easy one.
Special features
  • We provide a facility of drying large quantity of materials in a relatively moderated temperature and suitable humidity.
  • Drying is carried out under most hygienic condition and environment so as to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • The food products after drying remains the original color, taste and quality.
  • Operates only on Solar Energy Hence NO Power Consumption
  • We have applied latest techniques to manufacture it.

  • The solar dryer can be used for agricultural crop drying.
  • Used for food processing companies for dehydration of the fruits such as, onions, potatoes and many other products.
  • Our solar dryer is also used in textile industries for fabric drying purpose.
  • Solar dryer is usefull for value addition of fruits like Amla, Mango, Chikkus etc.