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Company’s declaration

Company’s declaration – The main purpose of solar dryer is to dry the food products in a natural manner. Our dryer is an efficient one which dries the products in a natural way and also protects it from getting exposed to various factors that may contaminate the products like wind, dust, rainfall, etc. it produces enough intensity of heat which dries the products in a natural way. And hence we recommend you to use our solar dryer if you are looking for a best solar dryer for you food products. We give services in commercial companies, textile companies, and food processing industries etc.

Use of Solar Dryer

Drying Foods and Dry-fruits
Used for food processing companies for dehydration of the food such as, onions, potatoes and many other products.
Agriculture Products
The solar dryer can be used for agricultural crop drying such as wheat, grain, rice and many more
Textile Industries
Our solar dryer is also used in textile industries for fabric drying purpose, to increase quality of fabrics.
Special features
  • We provide a facility of drying large quantity of materials in a relatively moderated temperature and suitable humidity.
  • Drying is carried out under most hygienic condition and environment so as to avoid any kind of contamination.
  • The food products after drying remains the original color, taste and quality.
  • Operates only on Solar Energy Hence NO Power Consumption
  • We have applied latest techniques to manufacture it.